Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Checking and Savings Accounts
Overdraft Fee per Item $25.00
Return Fee per Item 25.00
Statement Copy 5.00
Stop Payment 15.00
Hourly Rate for Account Reconciliation 35.00
Hourly Rate for Account Research 35.00


Checking Accounts
Check Collection 15.00
Canceled Check Copy 1.00
Counter Check (per item) 1.00


Wire Money
Incoming Wire 10.00
Outgoing Wire 20.00
Outgoing International Wire 45.00
Outgoing Domestic Western Union 25.00


Account Fees Specific to Type of Account
Business Premier Checking
Monthly Service Charge 10.00
If the average daily balance falls
below $2,500 during the month
Monthly Service Charge 2.00
If the average daily balance falls
below $300.00 during the month for
accounts determined to be small
business accounts
Membership Advantage Checking
Membership Advantage Monthly Service Charge 5.00
Members Money Savings
Exceed 6 Transactions Fee 20.00
Per transaction over 6 transactions
per calendar month

Official Checks and Money Orders
Cashier’s Check $1.00
Money order 0.75
Printouts and Schedules
Account History Printout 1.00
Amortization Schedule 5.00


Miscellaneous Fees
Inactive/Return Mail Fee (Quarterly) 5.00
Credit Bureau Investigation 5.00
Levy or Garnishment 25.00


Plastic Card Replacement
Replace Debit Card 25.00


Annual Fees*
Health Savings Account (HSA) Annual Fee 20.00


Safe Deposit Boxes: Annual Rent Payment*
(Montevideo and Benson)
Size: 3×5 18.00
Size: 5×5 25.00
Size: 3×10 30.00
Size: 5×10 40.00
Size: 10×10 75.00
*Annual Rent Payment/Fees are due on December 1st each year.

Miscellaneous Services
Coin Counting for Members Free
Coin Counting for Non-Members 2%
Outgoing Fax (1st page $5; add’l pages $1 each) 5.00
Incoming Fax, per page 1.00
Notarization for Members Free
Notarization for Non-Members 5.00
Photocopies for Members Free
Photocopies per page for Non-Members 0.25

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