Equifax Data Breach Settlement: How to Claim Your Benefits

Earlier this week, we told you that roughly half the people in the country can get benefits under a settlement that the FTC and others reached with

The Capital One data breach: Time to check your credit report

If you needed yet another nudge to start keeping an eye on your credit report to protect against identity theft, Capital One has delivered it with its

Canby Office to start a remodel project

Recently Co-op Credit Union purchased the lot next to the Credit Union with the intention of remodeling our office and adding a Drive-Up to better

Are you getting calls from the SSA?

Getting calls from the SSA? Probably not. At least, not from the real SSA. But how many of you have gotten calls from someone who said they were

The top frauds of 2018


Fraudsters are constantly trying to get your information and your money.  The Federal Trade Commission has released an article on The top frauds of

New Certified Financial Counselors

Earlier this year it was announced that the Enhanced Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) program was going to be held in Minnesota. 

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