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WINcentive Savings!

WINcentive┬« Savings is a new prize-linked savings account at Co-op Credit Union. WINcentive Savings offers prize drawing entries in return for each time you increase your savings balance by $25 (up to 4 entries per month)*. Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually – so the more you save, the more chances you have to win! You could even end up winning the grand prize of $5,000!WINcentive Savings account logoIs saving a challenge? If you are struggling to save, consider the WINcentive Savings account. You can improve your money habits in a whole new way that actually makes saving FUN. You’ll feel rewarded by watching your savings grow, and experience the excitement of the prize drawings! And unlike playing the lottery, you don’t lose anything with WINcentive Savings. All of the money you deposit into the account is yours!

Since 2009, credit unions in the U.S. offering prize-linked savings accounts have helped over 50,000 members save over 94 million dollars. In 2015, Gov. Mark Dayton signed a Minnesota Credit Union Network-sponsored bill that allows credit unions here to offer prize-linked savings (PLS) accounts. And now WINcentive Savings is available for the Co-op Credit Union members!

For more information about how to participate in WINcentive Savings at Co-op Credit Union, contact us or visit a branch location near you.

For information on our current deposit rates, click here.

You can also visit the WINcentive Savings web page at

*See a member representative for complete terms, conditions, and official rules.


Co-op Credit Union Members WIN!

July 2020 Winners

Gerald C – Canby ($100)

June 2020 Winners

Brooke H – Montevideo ($100)
Ava S – Montevideo ($100)
Benjamin B – Montevideo ($100)
Dale J – Montevideo ($100)

May 2020 Winners

Susan J – Montevideo ($100)
Ardel S – Willmar ($100)

April 2020 Winners

Beau H – Montevideo ($100)
Kathleen K – Montevideo ($100)

March 2020 Winners

David P – Benson ($100)
Sheila L – Montevideo ($100)
James H – Montevideo ($100)
Brittany H – Benson ($100)

February 2020 Winners

Roland C – Montevideo ($100)
Amanda M – Montevideo ($100)
Brooke H – Montevideo ($100)
Kayla N – Montevideo ($100)

January 2020 Winners

Kari K – Montevideo ($100)
Jenny C – Montevideo ($100)
Jeffrey K – Montevideo ($100

2019 Winners: 31 Members

2018 Winners: 15 Members





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