Bill Pay

 Pay your bills online…

It’s time to put the most user-friendly, feature rich payment system to work for you. With online Bill Pay you will be able to pay bills, track payments, and send money to virtually anyone. You can even split an expense with a friend or colleague.

Choose a bill to pay, schedule how much and when then relax Here are just a few of the new features that you’re sure to enjoy:

  • Pay Virtually Anyone. From the local grocery store to a Fortune 500 Company, even your babysitter.
  • Send Money to Friends & Family with Popmoney®. All you need is their email address or cell phone number.
  • Same Day/Next Day Payments. Payments can often be received in as little as one business day, even that same afternoon if necessary.
  • Account to Account Transfers. Even accounts at other financial institutions. Your money is always available, regardless of where you keep it.
  • Receive eBills. Green, more convenient, more secure and easier to manage.

With the new Bill Pay system, members will soon be able to access and use Bill Pay from our new Mobile App as well as from Virtual Branch.

View a Video of our Bill Pay experience!

Interactive Video Player

Now that you’ve gone through the demo, it’s time to sign up for Bill Pay. To do so, you must have already signed up for Virtual Branch.

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