Cub Account for Kids

The saving account specially designed for children 10 years and younger.

The Co-op Credit Union is excited to announce that we are Official Sponsors of The Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program! We have teamed up with the popular children’s characters to help teach children the money management concepts of Save, Share, Spend, Earn.

Your child, up to 10 years old, is invited to open a Berenstain Bears® Cub Account at the Co-op Credit Union.

  • A Cub Account can be opened with as little as $5.00
  • Money can be deposited or withdrawn at any time
  • Dividends are paid on accounts with a balance of $10.00 or more
  • Upon opening a Cub Account your child will receive a membership card and the book The Berenstain Bears® Visit the Credit Union
  • Children will earn stamps when they make deposits into their Cub Account – once 6 deposits are made they will receive a price
  • Cub Account kids will receive birthday greetings
  • Cub Account kids can participate in fun contests and activites

*Must meet the criteria for the field of membership of the Co-op Credit Union. You can apply for membership by completing a membership application.

Classroom Visits

The Co-op Credit Union of Montevideo received funding through a grant from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation to facilitate the presentation of “The Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program” to area elementary students.

Staff members in Montevideo, Benson, Canby and Willmar visited elementary classrooms and utilized “The Berenstain Bears® Visit the credit Union” story to teach children the money management concepts of Share, Save, Spend, and Earn that are explained in the book. the book also highlights the benefits of being a credit union member.





The Co-op Credit Union is dedicated to building financial success from an early age. Please contact your local branch for more information or to invite us to visit your classroom!

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