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Our mission is to provide members with financial services that contribute to their success.

Credit Union History

The Co-op Credit Union was organized in 1940 when the co-operative movement was going strong in the rural areas. Nine people who believed in the co-op movement and the impact it had on the financial well-being of people met at the Co-op Grocery Store and the idea of a credit union was born.

The Co-op Credit Union of Montevideo was chartered by the Minnesota Commerce Department in April of 1940. The original field of membership was patrons of several co-ops. The original office was in the upstairs of the Co-op Grocery Store where the ceilings were so low that members could not stand up straight.

As you can see below, there has been many wonderful changes and additions throughout the years. Our hope is to continue growing and providing members with financial services for many years to come.

The Fifties
The Sixties
The Eighties
The Nineties
The New Millenium
 The Co-op Credit Union routing number is 291275194.
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