Certificates of Deposit

Put your money to work for you!

Invest your money in a certificate and earn higher dividends while having peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.

  • ┬áThe Co-op Credit Union has certificates of deposit available with terms of six months, twelve months, eighteen months, twenty-four months, thirty-six months, or forty-eight months
  • Minimum balance to open a Certificate of Deposit Account is $1,000.00
  • Interest is paid monthly and you may choose to have the interest deposited to the Certificate of Deposit account, deposited to another account at the Credit Union, or to receive it by check
  • Certificate of Deposits are also available as Traditional or Roth IRAs
  • From time to time the Co-op Credit Union offers special-term and minimum-balance promotions for Certificates of Deposit

See our current rates.

Call your local branch for limited-time CD Specials that we may be offering.

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