6 Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe this Season

Tis the Season for merry making, gift giving, and lots of shopping!

Keep in mind, while our guard is down and our wallets are open, it is also the prime season for phishers, skimmers, thieves, and their naughty antics.

While your Co-op Credit Union Debit Card is a handy tool that allows you to quickly and conveniently obtain cash from an ATM, make a PIN-based transaction at no charge, or get cash back at the register, it also leaves you vulnerable to theft because it offers access to instant cash.

In order to take advantage of the financial convenience and purchasing power of your debit cars, while keeping your funds and identity intact this holiday season, follow these surefire tips to maximize protection and safety:

  • Keeping track of every transaction so your don’t overspend.
  • NEVER sharing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) code, with anyone.
  • Protecting your PIN. Avoid writing it down, keeping it in your wallet, or saving it on your computer.
  • Practicing ATM safety. Always be alert and go with your gut.
  • Monitoring your account by checking frequently.
  • Reporting any suspicious transactions to the Co-op Credit Union immediately if you think your card has been lost or stolen.

To report your Visa Card as lost or stolen:

For emergency Customer Service regarding your Credit Union Visa Credit Card, Call Visa at one of these numbers:
CREDIT CARD: 1-800-808-7230
After hours call 1-800-991-4964

For emergency Customer Service regarding your Credit Union Visa Debit Card, Call Visa at this number:
DEBIT CARD: 1-800-472-3272

For non-emergency questions, please call your local Credit Union office.

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