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Give Your Financial Goals A Checkup This Spring

After a long winter, and an indulgent holiday season, many of us are ready to get back in shape and regain control of our waistlines. This process may even include an annual check-up with your family doctor. With its fresh starts and new beginnings, the spring is also a good time to get a read on the pulse of your finances and restore their pre-holiday health.

The spring just seems like an appropriate time of year to get your finances in order and save money in the process. Most people have just completed their taxes for the previous year and have all of their financial information at their fingertips. The year is not yet halfway through so there’s plenty of time to make financial changes that will positively impact the rest of your year.

A few ways to improve your financial fitness include:

  • Developing a budget, perhaps with the help of a worksheet from Co-op Credit Union
  • Getting your savings on track by starting with an emergency fund
  • Opening a Roth IRA
  • Reducing/consolidating debt by refinancing a higher rate loan to lower monthly payments
  • Attending a free financial education seminar
  • Talking with a coach or advisor
  • Getting organized to keep great records of your financial actions and transactions

So this spring, as you hop on the treadmill, create your healthy meal plan, or call the doc to schedule that check-up, be sure to give your financial situation the same TLC. Look to the Co-op Credit Union for valuable financial education and tips.

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